It should be simple

John Fliszar (left) and his husband, Mark Ketterson

John Fliszar passed away last July at age 61.  A Marine aviator, he wanted to be interred at the Naval Academy.  And so his husband, Mark Ketterson, made the arrangements.

“I am a patriotic American, but I know this is not a perfect world,” he said. “The point is, when the chips are down, when the issue was patriotism and honor for a veteran, they were wonderful. Whatever their private feelings, they made me proud to be an American. We really do get it right sometimes.”

Story here.  I hate it when I am so unexpectedly happy to read a story like this, because it reminds me that I never expect it.


3 thoughts on “It should be simple

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  2. My condolensces to Mark Ketterson.

    I am impressed with the Marines. The military may not be populated with the most progressive people, but they do know how to implement change when asked to do so. I’d like to see other branches (and the rest of the free world) follow suit.

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