‘Where I come from’

Emile Mack may be the highest-ranking Asian American firefighter of a major American city, but what tends to surprise people most about the Los Angeles Deputy Fire Chief is his most unique background: At age 3, he was adopted by an African American couple. His is a story that challenges our notions of race and identity; it’s about the ties that bind and the gift of family.

Story here via the Transracial Korean Adoptee Nexus.

Edited to change the photograph.


4 thoughts on “‘Where I come from’

  1. Wow…. that’s…that’s… pretty awesome.

    I like how people commented on him just being himself (as opposed to imitating Afrikans in America), the parents did something right there. Also, you can tell his parents didn’t force anything weird on him as a kid: he went an married a lady from his ancestral land and adopted a child from there.

    I can even relate to how he grew up and people question this and that, and he probably had to make some choices at a young age in terms of who he wants to be- and what he actually is. I think children of mixed origin and adoptees might have more in common than what is visible on the surface. Profoundly interesting.

    He’s a strong guy, raised by strong parents.

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing.


    – Chimaobi

  2. That’s a really nice story.

    By the way, if you read the article, his wife is not Korean American but Japanese American.

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