Not really a surprise.

I must be an optimist, because I wish that people would surprise me.

So an adoption magazine published a list of the 20 best adoption blogs.  How do the numbers stack up?  Adoptees:  Two.  Birth parents:  One.

I didn’t count, but I’m willing to bet you that most (if not all) of the bloggers are straight white middle-class women.

There are also a couple on the list who *cough* probably wouldn’t be voted “best of” by adopted persons and people of color and people of color who are adopted persons.  Just saying.

9 thoughts on “Not really a surprise.

  1. A very depressing list all around. But the nature of the magazine leads one to suspect that will not change.

  2. Also strange was the number of infertility blogs that don’t actually involve adoption, especially given the fact that the sorts of adoption blogs you referenced were ignored.

  3. I should make clear, though, that there are several blogs on there I do read and enjoy. When I say “depressing all around” I don’t mean all of them are depressing. Just 75%.

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