The black guy did it.

Except he didn’t.

Story one:  Nun says a black guy raped her.  The 6′ 4″, 250-pound man dragged her for blocks, yanked off her underpants and pulled her top up before assaulting her in a snowbank.  Except it didn’t happen.

Story two:  Wife of a NYPD officer says two black guys beat her.  They hit her in the head, knocked her down and kicked her in the head and legs.  Except it didn’t happen.

Makes you wonder how many black men were harassed, convicted, put to death or lynched on someone’s word.


One thought on “The black guy did it.

  1. “It wasn’t her fault.” said the woman who answered the door at the convent.

    REALLY? When you join a convent you are married to God which means you are not suppose to have sex with anyone. If you decide that you want to get busy with a bodega worker then leave the convent and do it. Why do you have to drag a fictitious black man into it?

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