Turnip cake update

I made turnip cake.  It turned out really good, even though I did not read the recipe very carefully and measured the radish after cooking rather than before.  No shrimp, since my cousin is allergic.  (He found out while eating dinner at a restaurant.  Fortunately he was eating with a doctor friend who just happened to have an epipen.  His throat swelled shut and everything.  Now when my mom cooks for the family, she always says, “No seafood.  We don’t want to risk killing Christopher.”)

It would have been nice if I could post a picture, but I forgot to take one.  Turnip cake isn’t much to look at anyway.  It is good right out of the pan and even better when fried.  It is better to use a non-stick frypan or all the most delicious crispy bits will stick to the pan.

The recipe came from here. (Thanks!)

By the way, my mom did not like it.  She had one bite and then pushed it to the edge of her plate, which is very unusual for her since she thinks it is impolite not to finish something you have taken.  I asked her what she did not like about it and she said, “I just didn’t like it!”

Edited to add: Here’s what I did differently from the original recipe.

I did not use shrimp.    Made a mistake and measured the shredded radish after cooking instead of before.  It turned out to be exactly three cups cooked.  (The radish was 1.78 pounds at purchase.)  I cooked the radish for exactly 15 minutes since I had no idea what “done” was supposed to be like.

It took 55 minutes to cook.  I looked around on the internet to find out when it is done, and the toothpick test was suggested.  So that’s what I did.

A friend said she never measures.  She said you mix the rice flour in until you get the correct consistency.  That wasn’t helpful to me at all.  She said measuring won’t work because the radishes will have different water content.  But a couple of people said it should look like lumpy pancake batter.

There was also a difference of opinion about whether the radish should be chopped or grated.  I used a food processor.

If you look on youtube, there are many videos about making turnip cake.  They are in various Chinese languages and English.


4 thoughts on “Turnip cake update

  1. I don’t have a steamer. Can I wrap it tight with foil and bake it?

    I really want to make my own.

  2. You can easily improvise a steamer, especially if you have a wok. But if you don’t have a wok, you can set a pan on a metal pan inside a big pot with a lid. I used to balance a cake pan on top of a metal measuring cup.

    One thing I learned was to keep boiling water in a kettle on the stove and watch the water level in the steamer. Add water as needed. I had to cook the turnip cake for 55 minutes and almost all the water boiled away.

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