21 brown ones

That beats Paul LePage’s black “son.”

Senator Mary Margaret Haugen reportedly was upset because she said she was called a racist.  Her response?

Do you want to see my grandchildren?  Half of them are brown.

Of course, maybe it’s worth more in I’m Not Racist! Cred to have a black “son.” Because the son might actually live in your house.  (Although LePage’s doesn’t.)  And he might use your bathroom. But if half your grandchildren are brown, that simply means you allowed your children to f*ck brown people.  Or I guess they might have adopted.   Of course, Haugen didn’t even notice:

“I think I’m one of the most tolerant people in here. I don’t see color,” said Haugen.

Wait, I’m so confused. Then how did she know half her grandchildren were brown? And does she let them use her bathroom?

4 thoughts on “21 brown ones

  1. “Wait, I’m so confused. Then how did she know half her grandchildren were brown?”

    Haha. Zing!

  2. Peace (Sister?).

    Let me just thank you for seeing the obvious rhetorical error that is so often made by caucasians in a defensive stance.

    Argument 1: I don’t see color!

    Argument 2: I am very tolerant/humble/understanding/globally minded, half my friendbase/kids,granddkids, neighbour, ex-lover, coworkers are BLACK/BROWN/RED.

    Or my favourite: I have travel a lot to Afrika, and I think it’s terrible what they are doing to the poor people there. I love Afrikan food and music too.

    Anyway, great post! Will be checking back.

  3. Yeah, dumb thing for her to say, but what about the bill?

    It is unfair because it will affect mostly non whites? I say no if that isn’t the point of it. Granted I wouldn’t say it is a good idea anyway for obvious reasons.

    I feel much empathy for our undocumented residents. But this under the radar life is difficult to agree with.

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