How did that happen?

All of a sudden I realized about 15 people are coming over for new year dinner.  It was one of those things where friends have company coming in and then a couple of extra relatives decided to come and, well, you know how that goes.

So wise internets, please tell me what I can cook in advance.  I am going to make char siu and char siu bao, jiaozi, some kind of bean dish and a green salad.  The fish has been rejected because of no easy preparation method.  Some of my guests are going to arrive at my house before I do, since I have to work.  I will probably also make a big bowl of chirashi sushi.  (Because any of the kneeses are acceptable and because it’s easy.)

You get extra points if the dish is Chinese and if it is easy to prepare from easily available foodstuffs.

I might end up ordering some pizzas.


10 thoughts on “How did that happen?

  1. Hmm … turnip cakes? You can make’em a couple days ahead and then brown them right before serving.

    I’m probably going to cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker; I Googled around and found a “Chinese-style” (= totally inauthentic) recipe that sounded decent enough.

  2. What about a noodle dish like Dan Dan Noodles or something? I would think you could cook the meat and/or sauce in advance, then cook fresh noodles (3 minutes) on the day.

  3. I went to a party where the host made all Trader Joe “Asian” appetizers. They were really dreadful. Turnip cakes are a possibility. Molly W., do you know can the lup cheong be omitted? ZacMatic and jen, thank you for the suggestions. Also, I think I have enough chairs. ;-P

  4. I think you could substitute pretty loosely (chorizo, salami — heck, even Jimmy Dean in a pinch), but I’m not sure about skipping it completely.

    But I’m frankly terrible at identifying ingredients by taste, figuring out how a change/addition will affect flavor, etc. (I envy people who can taste something and say, “oh, it’s needs a little [whatever].”)

  5. I think your go-to here should be SOUP!!! There are tons of recipes for Korean rice cake soup, trad. eaten on New Years. That’s my background, though. Is there a Chinese equivalent that you can rock? Because, y’know, just reheat!

  6. dude fried rice. i use ground beef marinated in soy sauce but you can use chinese sausages too to make it even more lunar new yearsy. delicious and so seempoh to make. and it can feed a lotta ppl at once.

    also fish is super easy to prepare and cooks quickly. get a slab of salmon filet from any supermarket, sprinkle it with saltpepper and pop it into the oven abt 350. when it’s cooked to your liking take it out, squeeze some lemon on it and voila!

  7. I bought the lup cheong. Was hoping to make a vegetarian version of turnip cake. Had it once at dim sum and I could have sworn the meat in it was bacon.

    Soup sounds good but too many excitable little people + soup = disaster.

    rinoaisdead, “lunar new yearsy” is my new favorite adjective. ;-D

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