If fried chicken is on the menu …

… must be around January 15.  Or maybe it’s black history month.  Over at UC Irvine, they had it for MLK Day.

But it’s not like this is all that novel.


3 thoughts on “If fried chicken is on the menu …

  1. I was really surprised to see UC Irvine listed as the school. That’s a primarily PoC university (whites comprise around 20% of the student body; Asians are highest at a little under 50%, the rest being other PoC) and I would have thought that stupid shit like this would be a lot less likely on a campus that wasn’t dominated by an overwhelmingly white student body (who then always rush to support the assholes, and minimize the importance of the incident).

    But then I read the article and realized it was a decision made by a few adults in charge of food, rather than by the students, so the above factors don’t really apply. But it’s still disappointing to see that even on a majority-PoC campus, the response is the same old BS from the officials: it wasn’t their intention to be offensive and it probably wasn’t the most sensitive thing (bring on that minimization) and nobody’s been/being disciplined. I guess at least the food company is stepping up to make everyone take sensitivity training, and that’s *something*, but the school’s response is complete fail.

    I understand how universities easily get away with a fail response when the student body is almost all white, but how in the world do they justify excusing this kind of shit when their students are 80% PoC? Is this just straight-up whitesplaining, and because they’re so convinced they’re right, it doesn’t matter that their audience is overwhelmingly PoC?

  2. OK, I **love** me some soul food, and my dining hall actually used to do a good job during BHM (hint: they served more than just fried chicken). BUT, fried chicken for MLK day? Really? Was that his favorite food or something? There really is no other explanation for that other than ol boy was a negro and negroes like dem some chikin’, and—perhaps not in so many words—the UC Irvine folks thought just that. It’d be like having meat and potatoes (or whatever Anglos-Americans eat) to remember Presidents’ Day.

    As the last article you linked to said, “[I]t’s heartbreaking for Dr. King and all he did and what he is about is now reduced to the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech and now chicken…If that is the message young people are receiving, then why have a holiday?”

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