Domestic terrorism.

Let’s call it what it is.  They burst into the home of husband and wife Raul Flores and Gina Gonzalez.  They shot Flores dead.  Gonzalez was also shot but played dead.  And then they murdered the couple’s 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia.

They were members of the Minutemen.  Shawna Forde’s trial began yesterday.  Her lawyer says that there is no evidence she was in the house.  But when she was arrested she had Gonzalez’s wedding ring.  Story here.

You can read past coverage by the Unapologetic Mexican.

2 thoughts on “Domestic terrorism.

  1. No, no, you’ve got it all wrong. They’re not terrorists, they’re vigilantes, vigilantly protecting hard-working, white Americans who are God-blessed, law-abiding, and such.

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