Asians in the house!

Wonder if it set any kind of record.  Some of the guests at the State dinner for Hu Jintao (photos from the Washington Post).

Actor B.D. Wong and his mother, Roberta.  Love this pic.  He was reportedly either (1) taking a picture of the media or (2) taking video of the media.  I would have guessed he was taking a photo of himself and his mom.

Mona Locke and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke.  Gary Locke was the first Asian American governor of a mainland state.

Maya Lin and her husband Daniel Wolf.

Designer Vera Wang.

Bette Bao Lord and husband Winston Lord.

I saw news footage of Chan and he was carrying a big old camera.

American Michelle Kwan.  ;-P

Jill Hornor with husband Yo Yo Ma.

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.


5 thoughts on “Asians in the house!

  1. How do the guest lists for such events get created? For example, Barbra Streisand? What is the connection between the guests? Are these all friends of the Obamas?

  2. Thank you for captioning the people from left to right, instead of naming the more famous person first. I was surprised, which means that it doesn’t get done often.

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