Get one now.

From the Field Negro, “‘Good ole boys’ are everywhere:  Even in Maine“:

I have been to Maine only once in my life. I went in the fall one year and it seemed like a beautiful enough place. But I have to wonder about the folks inhabiting that wonderful part of the country. How could any right minded person elect Paul LePage to be their leader?

“Maine Gov. Paul LePage has constantly ruffled the feathers of the NAACP as he has declined invites from the organization …  He called the NAACP a “special interest” group and said that he will “not be held hostage by any special interests.” …

LePage feels that the NAACP is playing the “race card” and has an answer for that one as well.

In his best “I have a black friend” voice, LePage mentioned that his 25-year-old adopted son is black.”

Aha! The black son defense! Of course, white people who adopt children of color additionally gain Racist Kryptonite™! It’s a great two-fer and a wonderful addition to any family.

Well, you know I had to do some poking around after I heard about this black son. There is a group photo on LePage’s website that identifies the people in the picture plus the dog as: “Paul LePage II, Lauren LePage, Paul LePage, Ann LePage, Dog: Baxter, and Devon Raymond who joined Paul’s family like Paul joined other families in his youth. (not pictured daughters Lindsay and Lisa.)”

How did Paul join other families in his youth? Again, according to his website:

The oldest son of eighteen children in an impoverished, dysfunctional family, Paul left home at the age of eleven and lived on the streets of Lewiston for two years, making a meager living shining shoes.

At age thirteen, two families jointly “adopted” Paul. Eddy and Pauline Collins kept him busy washing dishes at the Theriault’s Cafe. Bruce and Joan Myrick kept him busy hauling boxes.

While some news sources have simply reported what LePage apparently told them, the Maine Sunday Telegram reports that LePage’s “son” has not been adopted by LePage:

The LePages met Raymond in Jamaica through his father, who caddied for Paul LePage during an island vacation, according to Demeritt.

Raymond is not a U.S. citizen, nor has he yet been formally adopted by the LePages.

Raymond moved to Waterville and graduated in 2003 from Waterville High School, where he played on the school’s golf team. He attended Husson University — LePage’s alma mater — for a year and a half, playing golf and studying sports management.

He then studied at Grambling State University in Alabama, where he graduated with a degree in kinesiology — the study of human movement — and a minor in sports management.

Raymond thus was in the same state as the LePages for perhaps two and a half years. He now lives in Louisiana. But you wouldn’t know it from LePage’s response:

When the reporter asked Mr. LePage to respond to the suggestion that he had a pattern of slighting the N.A.A.C.P., he replied, “Tell them to kiss my butt,” adding, “If they want to play the race card, come to dinner; my son will talk to them.”

But it’s not enough for Raymond to be LePage’s “son”–he is a charity case as well!

Devon Raymond Jr. came to live with Gov. Paul LePage’s family in August 2002 with nothing but a suitcase, some golfing gear, ill-fitting shoes and a Bible, according to the governor’s office.

(But was he caked in dried diarrhea and did the family have to burn his clothes?)

Anyway, those of you with political aspirations or prone to letting racist statements fly:  Get one now before the rush is on.

8 thoughts on “Get one now.

  1. Oh, Maine’s going to have an interesting four years.

    62% of us didn’t vote for the guy (there was an Anybody-but-LePage movement, but the vote split between other candidates) but now he’s ours.

    There was a small hope that moving from the campaign trail to the gravitas and challenge of the office of governor might rise the tone a bit, but no such luck.

    LePage seems to be acting out of his unhealed history of poverty, neglect and abuse, and his experiences as a Franco-American (the history of Franco-Americans in Maine is a painful one of a shamed language and culture, including children taken away to be schooled in institutions where they were beaten for speaking French, etc.). Unfortunately, this comes out as anger, defensiveness, holding grudges, bullying, paranoia, and shooting-from-the-hip reactions and attacks. It’s fueled by the recent support of the Tea Party: the more outrageous he is, the more they cheer him on.

    We’ve got a wonderful diverse and progressive community here in Maine, including our local NAACP chapter, which is going to be challenged as never before to stand together as staunch allies against this divisiveness and for our connections to each other.

  2. As an adoptee, I don’t think I should have to feel any luckier than any other kid, biological or otherwise, who has great parents. But people like McCain and LePage make me feel so bad for transracial adoptees who have parents who use them as social commodities and constantly set them up as sad, lucky kids who have been saved by their white parents from what surely would have been a horrible life.

  3. This makes my stomach hurt. What an idiot. Makes me wonder if his “son” claims this guy as his father – I don’t think I would, in his shoes.

  4. Anne Sibley O’Brien pretty much got it spot on.

    maine is what seems like an almost constant state of tug-o’-war. everything seems to flip-flop every few years. the leadership and laws will go a progressive route and then there’ll be a huge tug from the opposing parties, flipping everything over. and after lepage’s term, there’ll probably be a big liberal tug in return.

    i’m not looking forward to seeing what sort of bullshit he’ll try to pull. especially with the direction he’s already going. what a start.

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