Thank goodness for education

Scene:  Sports apparel store in mall.  My mom wants to buy a shirt and is debating the merits of the various sports teams.  In English.  By the way, my mom is completely fluent in English and has no discernible accent.

Clerk:  Hey, are you guys Japanese?  I took Japanese in college.  We have Fukudome t-shirts.

Me:  Gee, that’s great you took Japanese.  No wonder you can pronounce “Fukudome.”

Price of the t-shirt Mom bought (for a hockey team):  $24.

Look on the clerk’s face:  Priceless.

(For the record, my mother wanted a Pippen shirt.  On the way home, she talked at great length about how Michael Jordan’s superstardom was in part due to Pippen’s team spirit and talents.)

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