William Hohri, 1927-2010

Hohri worked for redress for Japanese Americans who were sent to concentration camps during World War II.  Additionally, he was one of the activists who worked towards Iva Toguri’s pardon.

His leadership brought a new sense of courage, pride and activism to the Japanese-American community. He inspired others to become civil rights activists on broader issues. He helped bring truth to the historical account of this era in American history in a way that makes us all stronger.

Many people who never before had the courage to speak about their wartime experiences suddenly found a voice. Cathartic healing occurred as people shared their experiences in the hope they could help prevent having similar injustices ever inflicted on others.

Hohri was a transformational agent in helping the AJA community find strength, dignity and honor from such sad experiences. A prolific writer, scholar and philosopher, he challenged people to think, to act on their beliefs, to be fearless in their approach to life, and to challenge injustices around them.

Obituary here.

(The New York Times obituary ends, “Mr. Hohri used his $20,000 payment from the government to buy a Japanese car.”   Just another one of those WTF closers we see so often.)



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