‘Community, health and understanding’

Great things to grow in a garden.  You can read the article here.  Fascinating how the idea of workshops aimed at promoting acceptance and openness were mandatory.

View a friendly face after the cut.

6 thoughts on “‘Community, health and understanding’

  1. Never mind. I just read the article. I need to take some pointers from this…If the workshops are effective then I am all for it. Personally I am at a point in my life where I want to shut out closed-minded people. Hypocritical? Perhaps.

  2. Restructure!, agreed. I guess I was just really surprised, although it makes a lot of sense that building a community would need underlying principles.

    Edited to add: It also made me think how so many other communities could set forth shared understandings. And workplaces.

  3. It seems so easy, and yet, we rarely see these dialogues about accepted/able norms, shared values, and common goals. In the US, I think we’d do well to have a national dialogue like this. The “workshops” are supposed to be public education, but we all know how stellar that institution is…

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