‘We’re all minstrels now’

Anybody seen this?  It’s a musical based on the case of the Scottsboro Nine.


2 thoughts on “‘We’re all minstrels now’

  1. I heard an NPR piece on this today. At first I was really upset. Then I was intrigued because the creators tried to make it really subversive. Then I just got upset again because nobody is going to get the subversive intentions and it’s just going to be bad/sad/awful :(

  2. I tend to think that this can’t be done. But also the clips I’ve seen from the production aren’t promising. I saw this play, and I honestly couldn’t tell if the playwright was serious or if he was trying to lampoon some of the hideously racist things that white adoptive parents do and say. But the worst part was that people laughed at things that were horribly painful. Yes they did. Because the way it was offered up was entertainment.

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