A Halloween two-fer

At a Children’s Memorial Hospital fundraiser, not one but two guys chose to dress in blackface.  One was Lockport alderman John Robert Krzos. The other guy is apparently lucky enough not to have any kind of fame, because he wasn’t named.

You do have to wonder about all the people at the party and why they didn’t say anything.  Krzos apparently posted his picture in blackface on facebook.  So either nobody said anything to him, or he didn’t listen when they did.

It is somewhat encouraging to see the Tribune has run two articles about blackface in the past two days, especially given its previous vigorous defense of dressing up as Indians.  Although I suspect most people don’t learn their lessons as concepts (making an identity into a costume is unacceptable) but rather as individual bits unrelated to systemic racism (black people are offended by blackface).  Therefore I am still not hopeful that racist concepts and the racist imagination will be recognized.

6 thoughts on “A Halloween two-fer

  1. I think lots of people read this blog. As for most white folks and their behaviour; Around the time that Dr.Laura let her ugliness hang out I was speaking with my sister about caucasians being upset because they cannot use the word beginning with N.

    I think that if you are a decent person you should know not to use slurs, derogative language, or mock people’s race, gender, or culture.

  2. *awkward* Heh heh, I’ve been reading this blog basically faithfully for a couple of years at least. I think I made like, 3 comments total? I really enjoy this blog.

    >_> I’m not touching the Halloween ____-face foolishness, because nothing constructive would come out of my mouth.

  3. I think that its better if a blunderboobed bigoted excuse for a nincompoop such as Mr. Krzos does not come here and talk. He will never bring anything good to you or the people who visit the blog.

    Its not as if this is 1789 or 1900 where he could truly plead ignorance. For a government official to do that he wants black people and the antiracists who ally with them to know how seriously he takes tem.

  4. I point people in the direction of your Hallowe’en posts every year. In another note, I find the ads Google serves up slightly peculiar. This is twice now I have had an ad pop up for an Asian Beauties Dating Site. WTF is Google doing with its algorithms?

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