‘This is America’

And sometimes there may be justice.

Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak have been found guilty of a hate crime in the beating death of Luis Ramirez.  The all-white jury took six and a half hours to deliberate.  They will be detained until sentencing January 24.  Donchak faces additional time for conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Piekarsky and Donchak and friends originally concocted a story about the incident, aided and abetted by a willing police department.  They were never tried for murder, just “simple assault,” and each served less than seven months in jail.  Perhaps this time they will serve some serious time.

We can only hope.

Because this is America.

Privilege sometimes tries to let you get away with murder Because the cops are on your side. Sometimes you get lucky. One guy got probation.

New York Times article about the conviction.

Edited to add: Anybody know if there are minimum sentence requirements?  Because at heart I’m a cynic.

One thought on “‘This is America’

  1. Yessssssssss… I only wish I knew about this blog back in July 2008. I had no idea you’d done so much coverage of the Luis Ramirez murder. Thanks for this. I’ve been lurking for a month or two now, and I am hooked.

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