Also, water is wet

The front page of USA Today reads: ” Sexism hurts female politicians.”  The first thing I thought of was Harry Reid referring to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as the “hottest member of the Senate.”   WTF was he thinking?

I think -isms harm everybody, although I guess it could be argued that sexism doesn’t seem to hurt male politicians very much.

But the headline on the story itself reads “Study: Sexist insults hurt female politicians”:

Calling a female candidate such sexist names as “ice queen” and “mean girl” significantly undercuts her political standing, a new study of voter attitudes finds, doing more harm than gender-neutral criticism based solely on her policy positions and actions. Harder-edged attacks, such as referring to her as a prostitute, were equally damaging among voters, according to research commissioned by a non-partisan coalition of women’s advocacy groups.


3 thoughts on “Also, water is wet

  1. Did they really need a study to understand how this is hurtful? It is the number one weapon used to undermine women through the centuries.

  2. Our sense of empathy has become so shriveled and vestigial that we need to be TOLD what hurts people’s feelings.

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