You saw it, right?

All the news footage.  The “before” pictures.  The media talking about how beautiful she had been and what a shame a crazy was out there attacking people.  The stories about the victim’s bravery in the face of this horrible crime.  Maybe you even contributed to the victim fund set up by a local bank.

Except you didn’t.  When the victim was an Arizona woman and not Vancouver’s Bethany Storro.

Ten bucks says you know why.

Oh, and on another note:  Apparently black women were stopped and detained for questioning with regard to the attack on Storro.  Note that Vancouver has an estimated one to three percent black population and yet black people are still enough of a big fear in people’s minds to make the story believable.

And one more:  It appears that throwing acid in somebody’s face is much more heinous if the victim is what most people consider good-looking.

6 thoughts on “You saw it, right?

  1. People who do things like this have usually done other crazy, antisocial, and manipulative things before. I noticed that some of her people are still trying to garner sympathy for her because she now feels terrible.

  2. I watched a 20-20 special on a model who was attacked by her boyfriend via acid attack and 20/20 made no bones with letting the viewers know that this was a tragedy specifically because “look how beautiful she was!!!”

    Listen, I would imagine that any woman that suffers an attack like this, one that specifically attacks something often considered the most valuable aspect of a woman, undoubtedly something that has a very close connection to one’s identity, is horrible, regardless of how beautiful the woman was before the attack.

    Our society is so fucked.

  3. THANK you. Shortly after the first attack was in the news, I remembered reading about another attack. But exactly NONE of the follow-up stories about Bethany Storro mentioned the second attack. I thought I was losing my mind.

    Everyone’s talking about how sad it is that someone could be so screwed up as to throw acid in her own face. No one is mentioning the “black lady did it” explanation as a problem.

  4. There have been numerous collections for Storro. She spent some of the money already. Her employer gave her $4000. One bank account for her benefit has more than $20,000 in it and another collection took in more than $25,000.

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