85 days

That’s not anywhere near the record.  But it’s how long a U.S. citizen was kept out of the country after being deported.  He lost his job in the meantime.

The article notes this isn’t the first such case:

U.S. immigration officials have faced scrutiny in recent years over allegations that they have deported U.S. citizens, including a high-profile case of a mentally disabled Los Angeles man [Pedro Guzman] who was lost for months in Mexico in 2007.

Estimates of the number of U.S. citizens deported from the U.S. vary widely, and such statistics are not officially tracked by U.S. immigration officials, who recently adopted guidelines designed to prevent such deportations.

As reported early, in April 2009 the AP documented 55 cases of erroneous deportation.  An immigration official claimed that in 2007 there was only one erroneous deportation.  But nobody is keeping track.


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