7 thoughts on “But did they?

  1. I see you are at a Japanese-American Interment Memorial, the only one s that I know of are are in San Jose and Bainbridge. Sorry for my mistake.

  2. This is at the National Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During World War II. There is a quote by Truman on the wall: “You fought not only the enemy but you fought prejudice — and you won.”

  3. Hi Susan, this is in Washington, D.C. Virtual tour at that link. The panels list the names of soldiers serving in the 100th and the 442nd who were killed in action. There are a lot of names.

    You might also be interested in visiting the Go for Broke memorial, which is closer to you. This memorial lists all the veterans. Visit the JA museum while you’re there.

    g, the memorial you mention charges a fee for internees and veterans to be included.

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