Fifteen to life

Another mother convicted of killing an adopted child.  Sentence:  Fifteen to life.  Jennifer Alvey was sentenced to one year.  Jill Ellen Depaillat’s trial ended in a mistrial; I don’t know if she was ever re-tried.  Lisa Hawkins-Rusch appealed her sentence as overly harsh.  She was sentenced to 1 1/3-4.

I think that’s the longest sentence I’ve heard of for the murder of a child from China.  Nina Hilt’s mother got twenty-five years; Hilt was from Russia.

The mother in the most recent case is African American, the others are white.


7 thoughts on “Fifteen to life

  1. I was a little baffled by the inconsistencies in the sentencing until I got to your last line. Just another day in our completely biased judicial system.

  2. So let’s get this straight. Little babies of color aren’t worth as much as white babies when it comes to justice unless they are killed by another person of color.

    This would be the point at which I would say post-racial my ass.

  3. There is a facebook group called “Justice for [child’s name],” and there were several e-mail calls and a petition for justice (vengeance?) for the child. I do not remember seeing any such “call for justice” for Emma Alvey, Mia Depaillat or Meghan Hawkins-Rusch but I did see prayer requests for the adoptive parents.

  4. Is this the Sabrina Banks case?

    The children in the other cases you mention were reported to have been hit or shaken in what appeared to be a single incidence. The child in this case had multiple injuries and was smothered to death.

    Nina Hilt also abused her child over a long period of time.

    There’s a difference here in sentencing for single acts of violence vs long term abuse.

  5. Emma Alvey had more than a dozen stitches and previous injuries from an alleged fall down the stairs a few weeks before her death. Her skull was fractured in a separate incident. Meghan Hawkins-Rusch also had previous injuries which the mother’s attorney tried to argue were prejudicial. Mia Depaillat also allegedly fell down the stairs. Her injuries were inconsistent with this claim. She also had internal injuries not consistent with shaken baby. Oh, and I believe Mia was brought home when her mother had a biological baby less than six months old.

    By the way, I read the criminal complaints for several of these cases.

    In any event, there is a great deal of research about disparate sentencing. In particular, white people who kill people of color.

  6. Mia Depaillat died a horrific death 13 years ago this week while under the supposed “care ” of her adopted mother Jill Ellen Davenport Nichols Depaillat Shadel. She was arrested, indicted and tried for two counts of battery and felony murder. Justice was sought by the State of Georgia and almost obtained when the jury ended in a deadlock vote. Jill Ellen Davenport Nichols Depaillat Shadel wasn’t tried again by the State more than likey due to money. She “got away with committing murder”. April is National Child Abuse Awareness month. How many more children must suffer and be killed before the guilty are truly punished?

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