Written on my forehead

Guess it’s better than the giant “L.”

So I was out driving on the expressway when I saw an automobile parked up on the shoulder.  I slowed and the woman standing next to the car waved me down.  So what did I do?  I pulled over and asked if she was okay.

She said she’d run out of gas and needed to get back to a nearby city.  And she said she wanted to get my name and address so that she could mail me the twenty dollars right away.

Okay, that got my antennae up and waving.  She actually mentioned “twenty dollars” twice. 

In the last couple of weeks I seem to have become a magnet for this sort of thing.  And I’m always a little suspicious.  What can I say, I was raised in a big city.  I also thought she was driving in the wrong direction for where she claimed to be going.  But I gave her enough money for a couple of gallons of gas.  I knew the make and model of her car, had a good idea of the mileage and distance she’d be driving, was pretty sure two gallons would cover it.

Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure I’m much more likely to hand over the money to people of color.

Anyway, I got home and I looked at the map to see the route to that city.  Because I just had to know what was written on my forehead.

5 thoughts on “Written on my forehead

  1. But do you really want to be the person who DOESN’T help? My husband teases me about being the one who gives money to the homeless people with the signs at stop lights. Could they be taking it and going straight to their dealer or the liquor store? Sure. But could it truly be for rent? Yes, that too. I figure God sees. They’re responsible with what they DO with the money. Just like I am. And I have more than I need. So part of what I should DO is be willing to share.

    Way to do the generous thing, whether you got “taken” or not. Speaks to your character.

  2. Yoli and Kim are spoiling my hard-nosed cynicism.

    I guess I don’t really want to be the person who doesn’t help. Maybe I just want to be the person who never realizes it is a scam. Also, I could have used my money to buy a whole bunch of ipples. ;-D

  3. I totally got taken by a homeless woman today. Since we’re both WOC and she said my hair looked nice I got snowed. She asked me to buy her a soda. Which was fine. Then when we got inside the convenience store she ran around grabbing stuff like this was the Price is Right. I was too embarrassed to protest, so I paid for everything but the cigarettes (yes she tried that) and went home.

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