Feed reader

Several people have asked why the feed reader isn’t working. I am sorry to say that I do not know. We haven’t made any changes around here.

Hopefully somebody on the internets can suggest a fix.


6 thoughts on “Feed reader

  1. Starting, I dunno, a week ago? Two weeks ago? The feed version of these posts started showing something related to, but different from, the actual post. (We used to get the actual posts themselves.) The feed version of this post says, “What is a feed reader? Resistance isn’t really sure so is incapable of fixing it if it’s broken. For which apologies are offered. ”

    I’m assuming you typed that message in somewhere at some point in the process — it’s obviously not a computer generated summary of the post. I don’t know your end of the posting process, but that’s a troubleshooting clue, anyway. If there’s something new you’re doing with respect to typing in an alternate summary somewhere, that might be the issue.

  2. Try going to the commands on the left-hand side of the WordPress dashboard page and scroll down to where it says “Settings”. Expand this menu if it isn’t already expanded, and then click on “Reading”. Then make sure that where it says “For each article in a feed, show” you’ve selected “Full text” and not “Summary”.

    If “Full text” is already selected, when you post something new try leaving the “Excerpt” box (below the box where you enter the body of the post) blank.

    Oh, and for anyone who doesn’t know, a feed reader is something like Bloglines or Google Reader that aggregates posts and delivers them to one place so that you don’t have to keep checking individual blogs for new posts. Very handy if you want to follow a large number of blogs, or blogs that don’t update very often :-)

  3. Sanguinity, thanks for the problem report. That’s very helpful and I think Sang-Shil has nailed it. Thanks, Sang-Shil! Would like to hear from the original people who mentioned this. They didn’t give as much detail so I wasn’t sure what they meant (one person said only “the RSS feed is broken.”).

  4. WordPress has a field for manual summaries. Did you start using it recently? I thought I had my RSS reader set to show me full posts, and I suddenly started to see summaries. (You have 747 subscribers on Google Reader! Wow. I’m not the only one who likes this blog.)

  5. Thanks for fixing the feed to show the posts. I was annoyed at the summaries too. I had incorrectly assumed that you were doing it on purpose to get more hits (which is a bad strategy in general, but a tempting one).

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