Yes, it’s 2010

The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Tuesday that it had filed an administrative complaint against homeowners Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia, real estate agent Jeffrey Lowe and prominent Chicago real estate firm Prudential Rubloff Properties. The agency charged that they violated the Fair Housing Act when the Sabbias backed out of a verbal agreement to sell their home to the Willborns, who are African-American.


According to the complaint, Lowe [the real estate agent] said in a HUD interview while under oath that while he was representing the Sabbias, Daniel Sabbia told Lowe “he would prefer not to sell the home to an African-American, though he qualified the testimony, saying ‘but if it was for the right price he did not care who bought the house.'”

Can’t say that I’m surprised about the Sabbias not wanting to sell. Because racism isn’t always logical, even when it comes to money. I am a little surprised that the Willborns would want to live in Bridgeport. Because for many years, folks of color didn’t go there.  It was just too darn dangerous. Like maybe you would be driving down the street in broad daylight, and somebody would try to douse you with gasoline through your open window and then toss a match in.

Bridgeport is also famous for being home to both Mayor Daleys for a period of time.

Now Bridgeport is being touted as “multicultural.”  But the Zhous notwithstanding, I think old habits (and old people) die hard.

Go HUD.  Speed the process.

2 thoughts on “Yes, it’s 2010

  1. Same problem with rental property. You have to be very careful not to violate the law. At the end, I think this kind of case is hard to prove.

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