Yellow Seeds newspaper now online!

Thanks to Dr. Tamara K. Nopper.

Described as an important precursor to progressive Asian American political activism in Philadelphia, Yellow Seeds was an Asian American anti-imperialist organization established in 1971 that focused on the local Chinatown as well as city, national, and world affairs.

According to Dandan Liu, “the earliest use of the Chinese newspapers in activism in Philadelphia’s Chinatown was related to a radical social change group, Yellow Seeds” who “published their own newspaper, Yellow Seeds (1972-1977), during their ‘Save Chinatown’ movement in the early 1970s.” While future research may reveal Yellow Seeds as an inheritor rather than originator of Chinatown newspaper activism in Philadelphia, the organization and its newspaper are nevertheless significant to historical accounts of U.S. anti-imperialism activism, a history in which Asian American anti-imperialism is relatively absent.  This absence , which is increasingly being addressed by Asian American scholars, is noticeable for several reasons.

Read the whole post here. You can also download .pdf files of the newspaper.

Asian American activism has long been ignored and denied by the majority.  How many times have you heard that Asian Americans are passive?

But we have to know our history to tell our history.


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