Doesn’t even begin to describe it

So Gregory Denny claimed to be a U.S. Marshal and went to the home of a woman who was five months pregnant.  Denny and his wife then took the woman to the U.S. Border Patrol and requested that she be taken into custody.

The woman was an immigrant who was married to Denny’s cousin.

So Denny called the cousin, threatened him and said he needed to buy his wife a plane ticket back to the Philippines.  Which the cousin did.  And Denny and his wife took her to the San Diego airport, where he claimed he was escorting a prisoner so TSA waved him through.

By the way, don’t read the comment sections of any of the articles.  Especially not the LA Times.  And several of the news reports refer to her as an “illegal.”  Which kind of begs the question, isn’t Denny an illegal?  Since he appears to be guilty of kidnapping and impersonating a law officer and probably at least five other crimes.

Couple charged with posing as federal agents to trick an undocumented immigrant into leaving the U.S.

Hemet man charged as marshal impostor at airport

California couple arrested and impersonating U.S. Marshal Deputy


5 thoughts on “Doesn’t even begin to describe it

  1. That’s incredible. And ridiculous. And you’re right about the comments.

    My question is, why didn’t this story break back in January when it happened?

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Thanks for the warning. I’ve long decided to not read any comments on stories you link to because when I do, I tend to lose faith in humanity. I’m ashamed many major news papers even post the comments they do. It’s like they don’t realize by posting vile comments, they are publishing them!

  3. “isn’t Denny an illegal?”
    Thanks for pointing out the disgusting and hypocritical use of the term “illegal” to designate a human being. If we’re going to stoop to using such dehumanizing language, we should at least reserve it for those people like Denny, who have behaved so appallingly as to merit having the very legitimacy of their presence on earth called into question.

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