Update – Koua Fong Lee

Remember Koua Fong Lee?  Sentenced to eight years for vehicular homicide.  He claimed his engine raced out of control.

Not only did Koua Fong Lee have an attorney who speculated he stepped on the gas instead of the brake, but a mechanic testified that there was no problem with the brakes.  Additionally, the fact that the throttle was stuck open was not emphasized at trial.  Oh, and his attorney had been suspended from practicing law and had at least two disciplinary actions on his record.

Well, guess what?  Apparently that same mechanic testified Lee did not have anti-lock brakes.  This is important because part of the evidence submitted at trial was the lack of skid marks.  From this the inference was made that Lee did not brake.

But apparently the car did have anti-lock brakes.

Geez, at this rate Lee is going to serve all eight years.


One thought on “Update – Koua Fong Lee

  1. What an absolute joy to hear on NPR this morning that Mr. Lee’s conviction has been thrown out– along with some discussion of the errors made in his case.

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