And the name means?

BALTIMORE, Maryland – Four Filipina ex-staffers of a Baltimore City hospital haven’t gotten over the shock of being summarily fired from their jobs, allegedly because they spoke Pilipino during their lunch break.

The hospital? Bon Secours. It has an English-only policy in the ER.

(Article link from Angry Asian Man.)


2 thoughts on “And the name means?

  1. I only know the name of that hospital as being the one where the drug addicts went in the book/miniseries The Corner written by David Simon who also worked on Homicide and The Wire. Though that was in the 1990s, I got the distinct impression that it was a hard-core inner city hospital. I’m sure that 1) they need translators, 2) it’s not a place attracting native-born American nurses to work there.

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