‘Multiple suspicious people’

Guess I should be glad nobody showed up at my last family gathering: Couple say border patrol agents disrupted St. Albans wedding

Mark Henry, operations officer for the U.S. Border Patrol’s Swanton sector, confirmed Wednesday that agents did respond to a complaint Saturday night involving conduct in downtown St. Albans, but he disputed the Diallos’ story and Brown’s racial-profiling claim.

“We received a call that there was a large group of people, or multiple suspicious people, on the street in St. Albans,” Henry said. “Our agents responded to that report.”

Suspicious how, exactly? Were they doing the macarena?

Henry said it appeared some people in the group had been drinking and were angry that the agents were there.

Drinking! At a wedding! Imagine! And they were angry that border agents had been called. Shocking! And very suspicious.

Seriously, it freaks me out that it only took a telephone call for border agents to show up. What exactly did the person who made the call say for the agents to decide to come? That there were a bunch of dressed-up people standing around in the park sipping champagne? MWB is a new one.


2 thoughts on “‘Multiple suspicious people’

  1. Wow, my home state made “resist racism”!! Awesome.

    Anyway. It’s VERMONT. Maybe the caller had never seen a dark-skinned person.

  2. How Arizona of them…
    As an aside: I’m really digging the new site design. Kudos.

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