‘Even if the baby was wrongly taken away’

THE NSW government’s welfare agency seized a baby girl from her Chinese immigrant parents and, against their wishes, adopted her out to an Australian-born couple, prompting a judge to observe that the infant may have been “wrongly taken away”.

The girl, who was born in NSW in March 2005, spent less than a day with her mother before being taken into custody by the NSW Department of Community Services on medical grounds.

Last month, the NSW Supreme Court awarded custody of the child to her adoptive parents, saying “even if the baby was wrongly taken away, that is not enough on its own” to warrant her return to her birth mother.

Court documents say the girl was born to a Chinese immigrant mother who speaks no English, and was described as “fearful of government and court processes”.

Small wonder. Source.


4 thoughts on “‘Even if the baby was wrongly taken away’

  1. English Please of Melbourne Posted at 8:24 AM May 31, 2010

    All immigrants must have a good sorking knowledge of English as there have been many cases of problems in the area of health and medical workers.

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