‘Not in the best interest of the child’

An 18-month-old boy is kidnapped from his home.  Almost six years later, an investigation reveals that the boy was adopted by a couple in the Netherlands.  At first, the adoptive family was receptive to the idea of contact with the parents.

But after advice from a Dutch adoption expert they became fearful that the child could be taken away, and refused to take a DNA test.

What do you suppose that advice was?

Now the mom is travelling to the Netherlands to appear in court. She had previously requested a DNA test, but was rejected by the court:

Going along with views of the special curator appointed for Rohit, the fast-track court in Zwolle-Lelystad decided “it was not in the interest of the child to know its roots.”

2 thoughts on “‘Not in the best interest of the child’

  1. In situations like this, I really think that children ought to have their own advocates.

    I don’t think its in the child’s best interest to keep his history secret, but I also don’t think its in his best interest to separate him from the only parents he’s ever known.

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