‘W. Seattle teen beaten bloody in possible hate crime’

Story and video here.  According to the Seattle Times, suspects have been identified but were not taken into custody.  Reactions?


2 thoughts on “‘W. Seattle teen beaten bloody in possible hate crime’

  1. Racism is racism is racism… This is just wrong, pure and simple. As I like to say — the antidote to racism isn’t returned racism, but embracing equality and empathy.

  2. Beating up a person based on their skin colour is INEXCUSABLE.

    However, it strikes me as odd that this incident made it to the media with a DEFINITE conclusion of a hate crime (there is absolutely no other way it couldn’t have been anything else given the scenario that happened to this poor boy who did not deserve this is any way) yet hate crimes against people of colour are usually ignored or brushed aside as something else (e.g. the recent hate crime incidents against Asians in a Philadelphia high school and the fact thatschool authorities as well as the police refused to acknowledge it as such, did not take immediate action, did not issue warnings to the rest of the public, like what happened in this article, and basically left it the APA community to deal with it on its own).

    When there is police brutality against people of colour or when people of colour are violently beaten up based on their skin colour, the media never talks about it and they even make up excuses for the behaviour of the perpetrators or they turn the story into something completely different (e.g. in Toronto, there was a recent case of police brutality in which a black teen died and the good ol’ media and police said the victim died of a heart attack instead. WHAT?! Talk about putting a completely different spin on the story!) Yet if you are a white victim, the media will swarm all over your story, expose racism, and the public will cry injustice.

    Let me repeat again: This boy DID NOT deserve the beatings and, as a person of colour, let me assure you that I can emphasize with him when he was targeted based on his race (myself and other PoC can also share our stories and empathy in terms of being targeted due to racism). But if he wasn’t white, his story would probably not have made it to the media as a warning to other white people to be careful and it certainly would not have been definitely labeled as a hate crime.

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