Twice in two days!

Yesterday I went into a car dealership, and a white salesman tried to sell me a car.  Seriously.  We talked for a little bit about my current car, and then he gave me a card and told me to call if I ever wanted to look at some other options.  (It was the same dealership from the previous “Bizarro World” post.  I swear, I always want to ask them why exactly they are so different from every other car dealership I’ve ever visited.  But how can you ask people, “Say!  I’ve been wondering why you aren’t racist?”)

Today I went to the store.  As I was standing at the counter waiting for the cashier, a white man sidled up alongside me and put his item down in front of me.  But the cashier told him that I was first and extended her hand to me.  She was Indian, though.  ;-D

Seriously, isn’t it a terribly sad commentary on society when I am surprised and shocked by what should be everyday events?

2 thoughts on “Twice in two days!

  1. I don’t know why you are so surprised. We are livng in post-racial America, ya know.


  2. I’ve done that the few times I’m around to witness it, but, I’m Native American. They also have a tendency to skip over me, because us brown folks need to have patience and wait while they make sure the important white people get speedy service.

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