MSNBC asks, “If Dora the Explorer were an illegal immigrant, would you still allow your children to watch the cartoon show?” 65.9 percent say “No.”


7 thoughts on “Uh.

  1. Why are the answers always loaded? “Yes, her ethnicity and citizenship are irrelevant” I would answer yes I suppose, but who she is is relevant.

  2. my favorite comment so far included this gem: “Why our boarders are so wide open?”

    that’s a good question! we should really have stricter rules about the people we let pay money to sleep in our homes!

  3. Love this snippet from a comment on MSNBC… “No, you come into America like they did a hundred years ago. ” You mean like my ancestors did, which was to basically show up and come in?

  4. In the real show, the way Dora’s family is portrayed is something that was clearly carefully thought out. Her mother is an archaeologist, for example. And she is living in her own Spanish-speaking country, not the USA.

  5. Lori, the US is a Spanish-speaking country. We’re an anything-speaking country as we have no official language.

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