Lisa Marie Rollins on CNN

Good thing they had Ms. Rollins on to respond, because I would have just been sitting gape-mouthed:

“Thank goodness these liberal progressive wealthy people are able to take any child in need and shower them with love.  And I think race should really be only examined if you’re over forty you need to think about how you think about race because the younger generation doesn’t see race the way perhaps my generation or older generations did.”

She also refers to her biracial children as “it.” But whatever.

Edited to add: Late to the party.  But still in Ms. Rollins’ fan club.


3 thoughts on “Lisa Marie Rollins on CNN

  1. That woman is so clueless. But didn’t the host claim the kids would wake up one day and say, “Thank god I was saved!”? I’m sorry, these people need some seious racism and adoption education.

  2. Wow. I couldn’t even watch the whole video – Ms. Lady was so obviously trying to educate Ms. Rollins, due to her elevated status as (white) ‘liberal progressive wealthy’-mother of biracial children.

    It’s true that we don’t see race the same way our parents did. I think we analyze it more. We have to, in order to spotlight how ineffective the whole ‘colorblind’ philosophy is/was.

    just. ugh.

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