The power of the internets

Summary:  64-year-old Kenyan woman flying for the first time to attend her daughter’s graduation.  Stranded by volcanic ash at Schiphol.  She doesn’t speak English.  The daughter’s friend sends out an e-mail pleading for help.  Twitter and Facebook users pass it on.  A Delta manager receives it and sends six security agents to search for her.  Two friends also search.

And mom is found.


5 thoughts on “The power of the internets

  1. During the whole 9-11 trauma, I helped a woman from Cameroon connect with her daughter in New York. She was stranded in my little Atlantic Canadian community. She spoke only French and I did the best I could with mine. Her daughter was beside herself with stress until we managed to get through.

    It was an important lesson. People who are lost are always someone’s mother, daughter, sister, brother, father. They could be yours; they could be mine. I always hope someone would help my mom if she needed it. What goes round comes round. This story made me happy. It renews my faith that kindness still exists.

  2. I loved that story.

    A few years back I sat next to a woman who was from Colombia who spoke very little English. My high school Spanish is very bad but I struggled to remember it in order to help her as much as I could (e.g., get a drink from the flight attendant and so on). Then when we got to the airport her son was not there to meet her as planned. We waited with her for about 15 minutes and then decided to call her son. I had just dialed the number and handed her my cell phone when her son showed up. He was so nice and thanked us several times for waiting with his mother until he arrived.

    It gives me a warm feeling to read these stories and know that there are others out there who also want to help people in times of trouble.

    Hope I did not ramble on too long. Not looking for a cookie, I just wanted to share a story and I know that I tend to be a bit verbose…feel free to delete this comment if it’s too much of a tangent or a “me too” comment.

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