The “Beyond Borders” international adoption conference has a keynote speaker who is said to be “an expert on civil rights and family law.”  Guess who?

Yeah, Elizabeth Bartholet.  You know, “heritage is overrated.”

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since this conference used to be called “East Meets West” and is sponsored by an adoption agency.


7 thoughts on “OFFS

  1. Notice the “Who should Attend” does not include adoptees at all. It’s also interesting that it’s called beyond borders and in San Antonio, TX.

  2. That sentence makes a lot more sense when you replace “expert” with “internet troll.”

    Except the keynote speaker part. NASA hasn’t yet found the galaxy where that makes sense.

  3. Not at all surprised. People will pay a lot of money to be told what they want to hear.

    Dr. Bartholet has no soul.

  4. In recent years, Guatemala has been a model for those who believe in adoption as a vehicle for providing homeless children with permanent, nurturing parents.

    But there is no hard evidence that payments are systematically used in any country to induce birth parents to surrender their children.

    from a Washington Post editorial by Bartholet, November 2007. That pretty much shows how much credibility she has.

  5. From the testimonials:

    “The Crawford Family:
    The most rewarding for us was to meet and talk with Snow, she truly cares about those of us waiting in the wings for our precious angel from China![…]
    If we have to wait for our little baby girl, we know it will be worth it after seeing the light and joy those children have brought to their parents!”

    Yes, little baby China doll angels bringing American parents so much light and joy. So heart warming…feels more like heartburn, though.

  6. From Bartholet’s description on the Beyond Border site:

    “will address the current crisis in international adoption,”

    and here I am thinking, you know, the crisis of ethical violations, failure to honor rights of first families, exploitation, lying, etc., etc. This DOES seem like a crisis.

    But no, come to find out: the crisis is not enough babies!

    “will address the current crisis in international adoption, which has dropped by half since 2004, and the politics and policies responsible for this crisis.”

    Dear god.

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