Dumb as rocks

Well, I know given the recent events at UCSD and many other universities and law schools, you all don’t need any proof that our educational system is failing.  However, here’s another anecdote to pile on:

White high school students in South Dakota made and wore “Wh1te Pr1de Worldwide” t-shirts to school.  The reason?

Codie Novotny, a 16-year-old sophomore at Chamberlain High School …  said the shirts were worn in reaction to accusations by students in the Native American Club that white students and teachers are racist.

Because Indian students sometimes wear clothing proclaiming “Native Pride,” Novotny said, it’s only fair that white students be allowed to do the same thing.


Additionally, it’s a matter of fairness:

“We knew we would be in trouble, we knew something would happen, but it was kind of to prove a point that racism happens both ways, not just whites racist toward Native Americans,” she said.

Okay, that sure convinced me that whites are not racist towards Native Americans. But they claim they didn’t know what the image and the words even meant.

“When I got into Google and typed ‘wh1te pride,’ that’s what showed up,” the freshman said. “I didn’t know that was a neo-Nazi sign at all.”

Just for kicks, I went and did the same thing.  First the image links come up; three are the symbols shown above.  The first text link is Wikipedia and the second is St0rmfront.  The fifth paragraph of the Wikipedia article reads as follows:

The slogan “Wh1te Pr1de, World Wide” appears in the logo of St0rmfr0nt, a website owned and operated by D0n Black, who was formerly a Grand Wizard of the Ku K1ux K1an. The North Georgia Wh1te Kn1ghts of the Ku K1ux K1an describe themselves as “a patriotic, Wh1te Christ1an revival movement dedicated to preserving the maintenance of Wh1te Pr1de and the rights of the Wh1te Race”.

Okay! So they didn’t even bother to read a little bit. The parents of the six students must be very proud.


3 thoughts on “Dumb as rocks

  1. What’s sad is that their parents probably are proud. They had to know their kids were going to school dressed like that and didn’t stop it. I’m not surprised if, in the next few days, an article comes out saying the parents are “proud of their children for standing up for their beliefs.”

  2. What’s sad about this is that their parents had no idea what these kids were even wearing to school that day …. true story. These shirts had peace signs on the front, and I know that’s all one parent saw as her son walked out the door.

  3. Damn. That had to be a rude awakening when the parents read this on the news.

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