His name

His name was Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax.  He was 31 years old and a K’iché from Guatemala.  The last thing he did was to aid a Queens woman.  For that he paid with his life.


4 thoughts on “His name

  1. A life gone — just like that. And he mattered, even if people didn’t treat him that way. Thanks for sharing this man’s story; it really touched my heart.

  2. I dislike the outcry against people who walked by – to whom he would have probably looked no different than other homeless people randomly on the ground. It’s awful that that is commonplace, but it is, and I wouldn’t have expected people to notice something different.

    But what happened to the woman he saved? Sure, she might not have wanted to stick around, but how could she be rescued, run away, and not call 911 for her rescuer? Did she not know or see what happened?
    Did she not want to thank the man?

  3. It is no surprise that people walked away. You can look at the news and see that all across the country Americans are becoming or just finally loudly expressing it’s disdain for the less fortunate and more pigmented. Funny, because I’m 56 and Americans of that age were revolutionary, with messages of love and peace. Guess they all sold out for the almighty dollar.

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