As the school tries to make itself more ‘minority friendly’ …

the singing instructor uses lyrics that include the n-word.

No, you couldn’t make this stuff up.


3 thoughts on “As the school tries to make itself more ‘minority friendly’ …

  1. I am so completely baffled by this. So later versions of the song exist that don’t have the offensive references – why in the world would somebody choose to use the original version? It’s like putting in extra effort just to make sure he was offensive.

    It’s one thing when there’s only one song, and if you don’t choose the offensive version, then you have to pick another song entirely. In that case, I’d still choose just to use another song, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see somebody argue for using the offensive song. But when offensive and non-offensive versions *of the exact same song* exist… seriously, WTF?

  2. Headline of the article:
    Saint Mary’s punishes professor for choosing racist song

    So I searched the article for the punishment. The music teacher was forced to apologize and complete a diversity training course.There are also allusions to the administration discussion his future employment, but the student who complained put it best… the teacher’s brother is on the school’s board of trustees, so don’t expect this teacher is to be fired. Sooo… I guess the diversity training is the punishment?

  3. Good point about the headline, siriz. I did find it refreshing, though, that they didn’t feel the need to “show both sides of the story” by interviewing someone who thought it “wasn’t such a big deal” or wanted to point out that “it’s a really good song, and Prof. X is such an awesome guy who never meant to offend anyone” etc. etc. (cat is draped over my arms so I don’t want to go back to the article to look up the name)

    On the other hand, talk about a non-apology apology.

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