As seen by the census (part ii)

Remember those targeted ads for various racial and ethnic groups?  Well, the U.S. Census also put out a press release for Asian/Pacific American Heritage month in which it praises itself:

Number of Asian languages 2010 Census ads are in: Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Laotian, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese. The Census has gone to great lengths to be true to the ethnicities it is trying to reach. For example, Chinese Americans are depicted in ads for Chinese Americans, rather than generic images of the Asian population.

Here’s that Chinese American depicted in the ad:

There’s also one of an abacus with hands touching it. Chinese hands, I presume.  I’m not so sure the ads are in “Mandarin and Cantonese.”  Looks like simplified and traditional.

And you might remember there was at least one “generic image” for Asians–the teapot.  Although maybe those are ethnically-true teapots.  I really couldn’t say:

The Chinese also got this targeted poster (which was also available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Creole and Korean).  I couldn’t find it in Chinese so here’s the Spanish version:

Don’t be afraid!  Jose and Maria participated in the census.  You can too.

In any event, the one somebody chose to hang in the community center features a little black kid. It’s in English.


4 thoughts on “As seen by the census (part ii)

  1. Yeah, but Joseph and Mary had to flee to Egypt because Herod sent soldiers to kill their kid! I don’t think this was well thought out.

  2. I can say that the teapot does NOT cater to desi Asians.

    And I’m with Kris Pak- that christianist Spanish poster is bemusing at best.

  3. You’ve probably already seen this, but on a related note, WaPo got Obama confused with Malcolm X.

    Why do we need an accurate historical narrative in schools? Because you can be an editor for WaPo and fuck that up.

    Re: the census. I suppose (not really) it’s a step in the right direction for the government to openly admit they know virtually nothing about PoC by creating adds based on blatant stereotypes.

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