Attention all brown folks (redux)

SB 1070 has been signed into law.   No more Arizona vacations for me.


7 thoughts on “Attention all brown folks (redux)

  1. Crimmigration…”give me your tired, your hungry, your poor” Huh, Guess we have to sandblast this off the Statue of Liberty now….”Everybody knows about Arizona, God Damn!” (apologies to Nina Simone)

  2. I know!! Me neither. I personally think even the racist conservatives will realize that this is a bad idea because it will really hurt their economy. They will see what happens when no more of “them durn foreigners” come to visit including lots of citizens like us. Who cares if you were born here- you look like you weren’t!

    Oh and they will have to pay all the rest of the workers full price when all of their illegals they have been abusing for cheap labor move to another state.

  3. My husband and I were talking about this and we wondered, if a person gets stopped for being the “wrong color” – er, I mean, suspected of being in the country without having the proper papers – how does he/she prove it? Most folks don’t carry around their passport or naturalization papers. My husband used to carry his green card but now he’s a US citizen.

    So, what do the cops use to check a person’s immigration status? It doesn’t seem like that information is available from a person’s driver’s license (states have different residency/citizenship requirements).

    Of course, this is all just curiosity — neither of would ever want to visit Arizona with such a horrible law in place.

  4. Oh, and also here is what they do in Illinois. If you happen to be a half Asian who is driving through Hispanic neighborhood. I have to wonder how the outcome would be if the 3 white folks had not been in the car.

    Where will this end? And how many states will it effect? Now I am worried not only about not going to AZ (my original thought) but also maybe not going to Chicago and where else I wonder….

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