Just for the heck of it.

Jin Cheng Yu started walking toward the shop when one of two young men or teenagers walking toward him slugged him in the eye “for no reason.”

Ching-chong-chinaman gets punched by a stranger just for the heck of it. His father was also severely beaten.

Edited to add:  Jin Cheng Yu’s father, Tiansheng Yu, has died.

Edited to add:  Both assailants have been charged with murder.


9 thoughts on “Just for the heck of it.

  1. hmm, is it just me or have we been seeing a lot more anti Asian acts of violence lately? NY, Philly, now Oakland to name a few… Maybe it’s just because I’m hyper aware and tune into places that pick up on this news, because I doubt it’s getting as much coverage on primetime news.

  2. That’s awful; I hope they catch those assailants. Strange thing, I went to read the comments, and instead of the usual “it wasn’t a hate crime, just a crime” diatribe, nearly all 1000 of the commenters were roundly wishing death on the assailants, complete with racist rhetoric. I guess if the assailant is black and the vic isn’t, it’s an outrage after all, even if the vic isn’t white. Not trying to derail, but a big difference from the case of the Asian men being pushed into river or the Mexican teenager beaten by the white teenagers, don’t you think?

  3. Also these types of attacks are hardly ever “for no reason.” Whether or not it was a conscious decision I would say a factor in this attack are Asian and immigrant stereotypes.

  4. I think there is an increase in anti-Asian violence attributable to the anti-immigrant rhetoric. au napptural, you can’t make me read the comments. Stop trying. ;-P But yeah, I think there is definitely a difference in the majority response depending on the race of the perpetrator or victim or both.

  5. The perpretrators were African-American and the police doesn’t think it was racially motivated *sigh*

  6. [hk: Would you please stick with one nickname? Thanks.]
    The perpetrators were black and they were angry. They wanted to take their anger out on someone but that person can’t be black (because then it’s too close to home) and so they attack asians because asians are “easy pickings”. How is that not a hate crime?

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