11 thoughts on “Oh hell no

  1. Is this a backlash over accusing white people of having white privilege?

    Is it too difficult for whites to understand that minorities need sanctuary and that’s why whites are generally unwelcome at minority gatherings?

    That could be interpreted as racism but if we didn’t feel we needed sanctuary from racism we wouldn’t need to exclude people.


  2. Josh, that’s the best description of that perspective that I have seen.

    While I can never really get it, that helps me understand.

  3. Josh, at the risk of speaking for all white people everywhere, it’s not difficult for us to understand at all. We simply have to

    A) let one stinking thing not be all about us once in awhile and
    B) want to understand.

    This woman brushed up against her own privilege a few times, didn’t want to know, and got 2K for inviting the world to witness her tired old white contortionist act: twist enough and you won’t see what’s right in front of you. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this gets her an award from a system of media that has a huge interest in minimizing racism so its largely-white audience can sleep at night.

  4. Just to stoke the fire here, but isn’t editorial journalism about expressing one’s point of view?

    Why shouldn’t she get the money, because we don’t agree with her point of view? She told a story about her life, and it’s getting attention. Whether or not it deserves attention is hardly an argument worth having when we live in a world dominated by Miley Cyrii, Lil’ Waynes and whatever other drivel is being swallowed whole by the masses.

  5. @jayke
    Sorry, I take issue with you lumping Lil Wayne in with Miley Cyrus and Beth Rankin. It was a poorly written rant/tantrum from a privileged white girl who had her privilege challenged. It wasn’t an intelligent editorial.

    While I’m not claiming that Lil Wayne is a genius, his lyrics don’t even fit into the same category as Miley Cyrus or Rankin’s piece (of).

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  7. This is so damn disgusting to me. I had never heard of it. I don’t know which rock these white people crawl out from under, and I say this as a white woman myself. I just don’t understand when people say that they are mistreated as a white person (hello, most of them rule the world, boohoo!) and it’s always perplexed me when I have heard a couple of them say that they have been called a bitch or something similar. It’s perplexed me because ever since I was in elementary school, I have primarily gravitated toward latino and black communities and I have NEVER been called a bitch or any other name. I’ve never been mistreated. I once got into an argument with a co-worker because she said (and oh, because I am white many other white people used to say disgusting things in front of me)-well she said some of the same stuff that this lady was saying. I couldn’t take it anymore and I said, “I’ve been around latino and african american people all my life and I have never heard something like this. Is it that maybe you really are just a bitch and people are responding to you in kind?”

  8. lol @ multilingualmania. I love when allies intervene and that was a great response. I bet she was completely floored.

    @ jayke. It may be an editorial, but it’s not in any way responsible journalism to print (and reward!) this article as if it has any merit when in actuality she is just perpetuating ignorance and voicing a tired, whiny argument about feeling excluded by POC as a white woman. There’s no originality to the piece– I’ve heard this BS parroted before and see no need to validate her cries of reverse racism by publishing it for the masses. Fuck, it’s appalling. As a POC and long-time anti-racist, why am I now being subjected to the demands of a white woman wanting us to modify anti-racist discourse and spaces so she can feel more included? This isn’t about HER or other white women; it’s about ME and other POC. When it comes to articles about anti-racism, why is it that she as a white woman is now being given (and even profiting from) a platform to speak on these issues while the voices of POC are ignored or silenced in comparison?

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