How many times?

Another felony child abuse charge against an adoptive mother.  The little boy was adopted in November.  Child protective services had investigated previously in January.


2 thoughts on “How many times?

  1. I wonder what we would do as a society if we realized and accepted that adoptive parents fail a greater rate than biological ones do.

  2. [hk: please stick with the same name throughout. It’s less confusing.]

    I read in one report that step parents are also more likely to abuse non-biological offspring. I think this is a fault in human biology, the tendency to treat biological kids better than non-biological kids.

    i’m not saying ALL step parents or adoptive parents are like this, but there IS such a tendency.

    I feel bad for the adopted kid. he’s already been abandoned once and now his new “parents” are abusing him in such horrible ways. I hope they put the kid in a better family. I can’t stand people who abuse children.

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