Journalism 101

A psychologist is not a social worker.

Remember Lisa Belkin, who never bothered to check out all the tiny little problematic details of Anita Tedaldi’s story?  Well no wonder.  Because she of course weighed in on the Russian case and she recounted that “Tedaldi sought counseling and advice before she made her decision, and then she found the boy a family where the mother was a social worker trained in helping children with attachment disorders.”

What did Tedaldi write?  “The mom, Samantha, was a psychologist, and the family had adopted another boy with similar issues just a couple of years before.”

Social worker, psychologist, whatever.  Trained in helping children with attachment disorders, sure.  Now we know why Tedaldi’s pathological story hit the New York Times in the first place.

Good thing Tedaldi just gave him away rather than shipping him back.  Because who knows if he’d end up in South America or Ethiopia.


One thought on “Journalism 101

  1. As a social worker I have to chime up and say we are not at all like psychologists. I find that insulting because I would never have gone into psychology and view the two fields as vastly different. One more reason to be annoyed with her.

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