‘I no longer wish to parent this child’

That’s what Torry Hansen of Shelbyville, Tennessee, wrote in a note she attached to her adopted son.  News reports indicate that he is either seven or eight years old and was adopted in September 2009.  His adoptive grandmother, Nancy Hansen, put him on a plane in Tennessee that flew to Washington.  From Washington he flew to Moscow via United Airlines.  Unaccompanied.  He traveled on a Russian passport.

The agency was WACAP.  Other news sources indicate that post-placement reports had been filed after the child’s adoption.  One Russian newscast stated that one report was just two weeks prior.

The former Justin Hansen apparently can no longer speak Russian.

Russian news report here.

Edited to add:  Copy of letter here.  This news article also addresses the question of citizenship.

Reportedly Torry Hansen also has a 10-year-old biological son.

16 thoughts on “‘I no longer wish to parent this child’

  1. I read about this and was disgusted that the article had the time to add that there was, of course, a family that was in the final stages of adoption and oh dear, now they’re halting the process. Of course. Because adoption is humanitarian! It’s so great that we do it and these barren parents are so pitiful, that we can forget about horrible, disgusting, inhuman, scarring practices that that sort of attitude gives birth to. I’ve been disgusted all day.

  2. Seriously. Shipping a child across the world by himself was the best solution this “mother” could come up with? Because that’s not going to traumatize him and cause further mental health issues. Are you friggin’ kidding me?

    And let’s see what punishment she gets…white, female, privileged… hmmm. I’m guessing none.

  3. Is it possible for a 7-8 year old to lose his first language in 6 months? I believe he has to be able to speak some Russian.

  4. I also find it hard to believe he lost his language in 6 months unless he has some type of speech problem he had before adopted. It just boggles my mind that someone would do this and think it is the right thing. There are actually organizations that “rehome” children (like a et rescue, no?) but there are many willing people who likely would have taken in this child after disruption.

    I read this earlier and I just could not believe it.

  5. Based on my scant experience, I would guess it is very possible for a 7-8 year old to lose his first language quickly. He might retain more receptive language.

  6. My eight year old would certainly not lose his ability speak the language he grew up learning in six months, even with total immersion. That isn’t plausible. By seven or eight they are reading and writing fairly well.

    I happen to know a 17 year old young man who was adopted from the Ukraine at around age six. He learned English in a matter of months and still speaks reasonably fluent Ukrainian to this day.

    This is a bizarre and heartbreaking case. If the face of it at this point is true, this adoptive mother should face serious charges.

  7. Er, unless he never knew Russian in the first place. We of course have no idea what education or exposure he had prior to being spirited away to the US.

    Poor kid. I hope he finds people that will look after his best interests and soon. Hopefully in Russia!

  8. Because the story doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t doubt the adoptive “parent” screwed up, but the information in the articles I’ve seen thus far makes me think we do not know the half of it.

  9. Also, my perspective on this is not so much as an AP but as a former human pinball myself. I was a handful when I was passing between foster homes.

    In the end, seems to be blaming you (the child) when your problems are the result of a *string* of irresponsible people. That is, going back before he ever landed in Tennessee.

  10. “I wonder why you all are so focused on the language piece?”

    Language is a big part of who we are. If he still speaks Russian, I don’t see any problem for him to live in Russia again. He has only been in the U.S for 6 months. I doubt that he will miss his so-called forever family. Russia is his home. Let’s hope someone in Russia will adopt him..

  11. I think it’s entirely plausible for a child to lose his language skills in 6 months especially if the mother wasn’t nurturing that language and we can all agree she probably wasn’t nurturing much of anything if she could drop this kid off at the airport by himself with some fruit roll-ups and trail mix to keep him company.

    I also think there is an assumption that he is developmentally on track like a child who grew up in the US, in a home, would be assumed to be. He was living in an orphanage for quite some time before he was adopted by that abomination of a mother. There is no telling where he is developmentally, cognitively or what type of trauma he may or may not have experienced.

    Regardless of which language he does or doesn’t speak, I don’t think that is the horrifying part of the story. Even if he still spoke his first language fluently it wouldn’t make what happened to him any less disgusting or make Torry Hansen more sympathetic.

  12. This confuses and pains me. There are so many things wrong with this that I don’t even know where to begin.

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