Asian Woman with a Secret

Can I claim Lisa Marie Rollins as one of us?

Edited to add:  link to blog.  Make sure to read her remarks about this article.


7 thoughts on “Asian Woman with a Secret

  1. She is awesome. And I subscribed to her blog today. Thanks for pointing out the way.

    Though I am not a transracial adoptee, in some ways- and I hope this does not come across as ignorant- but in some ways, I identify, having a non-Black parent who raised me, my Black parent having passed away when I was nine.

    I saw myself in the hair scene. My mother also drowned me in no-more-tangles, eventually cutting all my hair as well. Going to an almost all-white high school. My mother didn’t really have a ‘social circle’ for all she did was work and take care of her four daughters. There was family though. My Black family drifted away after my father died. And my mother’s Portuguese family used to warn my grandmother to keep an eye on us when we visited, because our “Black side might come out” and steal her jewelry.

  2. I feel the need to clarify.

    What I should’ve said is that I identify in some ways. I apologize for not saying that initially.

  3. Off working and sleeping. Don’t worry though. I often make time between those two things to lurk here. ;)

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