Made in America?

Rachel Maddow in People Magazine.

Shouldn’t that be 美國製造 instead of 美國製作?  Or is there some other meaning I’m missing?


5 thoughts on “Made in America?

  1. 美國製造= Made in America

    美國製作= American production (like a movie, a show)

  2. I think it’s a statement about how American debts are backed by Chinese loans? That this may be leading to Chinese influence in American political economy? Am I reading too deeply into this t-shirt?

  3. Sorry in advance for the long comment (I usually lurk), but I think you’ll like this.

    So, I’m down with Rachel Maddow, but this picture really bugged me. It’s been burning at the back of my mind for days. So I finally looked into it. You guys, I think this may actually be a rare case of reverse ironic hipsterism!

    I was all set to go off about how, no, you’re def thinking too deeply on it, because it’s almost certainly one of those supposed-to-be-“ironic” (but actually vaguely annoying/offensive) Urban Outfitters type shirts. Especially with the not-quite-right Chinese (shades of hanzismatter!). Did a quick Google and found the shirt on a couple of those “funny t-shirt” websites being gushed over by the whitest dudes you could imagine, which seemed to confirm that impression. (It’s a ringer tee: ironic! It’s pink: ironic! The message is ironic! The pre-distressed silkscreening is totes ironic!!)

    So then I was really gonna go off about to go off about how it is totally not ironic (ie: incongruous, self-contradictory) for this statement to be expressed in Chinese on a US-shaped background. Cuz guess what, there are plenty of natural born Americans (ie: “American productions”) who are Chinese speakers and proud of it. YTF is this shirt “funny”?!?

    But something was tickling my mind. So I went back to Google.
    Did a little research and found the designer’s name. It’s Chinese. He’s a designer/artist in Brooklyn. Other info suggests that the person who created this shirt is Chinese-American. And then I was like, “okay that is awesome.” I’m not even Asian (nor American, BTW), and I went from being vaguely irritated to totally effing loving this.

    Because either this person is hopelessly whitewashed (I def didn’t get that impression), or this is reverse ironic hipsterism!!! I’m going to assume the latter. I mean, the irony is two layers deep, at least. And the “reverse” part is that (for once) the joke’s on white American hipsters, and PoC are the ones expected to laugh.

    To which I say: it’s about time. PoC are takin’ irony back!

    [The only drag is, some people won’t get that. Whether I have this right or not, you have to wonder what about this shirt appealed to Rachel Maddow (et al). What does she think it means? (And for the record, I don’t believe she speaks/reads Chinese. I looked it up.)]

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